The standoff...

Oh the joy's of Motherhood!! As you are trying to get your kids to understand they may have choices in life but not always, LOL the battle of breakfast began!

As I got up and started my day, I asked my youngest daughter "what do you want for breakfast" she said crackers. I said "no, baby girl we are working on eating more healthy fresh live food." I continued to tell her that we have fresh strawberries, pineapples, blueberries etc. I told her, I can make you one of the smoothies that you like. She said "No" and started to whine! "I want crackers mommy" as she squirmed in her chair. I said what about eggs on a croissant. (normally this is her favorite next to a fresh smoothie), at that time I had already gave my son his normal favorite cereal. Then he turns and say's "mommy I don't want this, I want crackers" I said listen y'all, when you were at school or church you don't tell your teacher you don't want this or that... you may say I don't like or eat that but you typically eat what they have. My daughter replies "I eat school food cause I like what they serve" I said "oh not all the time because you have told me some lunch you never ate because you didn't like the meats etc'' So the standoff got crunk, she started to whine louder and cry and bounce in her seat... wait a minute did I tell y'all she is 7! LOL, LOL, I went and cut on a church service to get focused and then I turned to her and said... "you have three choices, a croissant, smoothie, or fresh fruit. You don't normally eat cereal, so which one?" Well she fussed more. I told her "listen, those were your choices and since you didn't want them you will be hungry (now for those of you looking to stay I am starving my child or should have just given her the crackers, you have to be in my home to know, I would never starve them but when you normally eat the items offered and today you want to whine because you ain't getting your way. The foot has to be put down) My kids are in a phase to respect what I say and be thankful for what you have... so I walked off. She went to the sofa and started listening to the sermon playing... a few seconds later she comes to me and says "mommy, can I have two of the mini croissants with cream cheese, I said,  "I can add butter, as there is no cream cheese." She heated them in the toaster, and went on her way. She thanked me for helping her heat her food and we talked about her throwing a fit vs just eating what we had.

In the midst of this stand off, I felt like I had on armor to not give in, I would have normally called my husband to tell him to talk to her. I told her today is a new day, and you will respect me and honor me. She hugged me and went on her way.

This stand off seemed like forever!! I normally would have given her the crackers after the second bounce or whine, but not today!

I know that I can be easy with my kids and let them slide, but when I was prompted to see thru the manipulation and tantrum, I hand to stand my ground. She may have been a little upset, but her future self will thank me. In life we have the ability to choose, but in some instances we don't, she is an athlete and has to understand authority, honor and respect. Also to be thankful for what she has even if it isn't what she wants a the time. We have to teach them that sometimes in life you may have to wait for what you want or be patient till it comes. What you feel you lack others would appreciate, because they may not have anything. I want my kids to have it all, but I want them to have honor, character, integrity the most. Being appreciative of the small things matters.

As the quote goes, (I don't know who said it or what kids movie it came from) You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit!  My adage to that is "You get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit, and if what you get ain't what you want, go make it happen!