Priceless Jeans 

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Priceless Jewels is an avenue to empower young girls and women with the simplicity of the word of God on Grace. We will teach, impart, and walk with each woman and girl to inspire, help, support and train them up in the love of God; so they can understand who they are. This will cause them to impact every life they encounter by displaying a grace filled way of life.



PURPOSE OF Priceless Jeans

We all know what it feels like to put on a pair of your favorite jeans, or even getting jeans. Priceless Jeans is a program where we receive gently used jeans or brand new jeans from women/ girls. Each pair of jeans will have a hand written note of encouragement and affirmations for women and girls. 

Priceless Jewels Organization will then partner with various Human Trafficking center, Domestic Violence Centers, Women and Girls shelters across the US to distribute these jeans. 

We will package each pair of jeans with the note from the original owner to foster sisterhood and encouragement among women. Doesn't if feel good to reach in your pocket and see a note of encouragement or love! 

How to participate: Fill out the form below with Priceless Jeans as a subject and  someone from our organization will contact you. 


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