One of my favorites is a green smoothie.

Here is my recipe well here is what I use.


Fresh Parsley 1/2 medium stems

Apples Granny Smith 1 whole apple minus seeds

Kale 1 cup

1 small piece of ginger

I use water or coconut water to make the juice. I sometimes add raw honey to add sweetness.





Benefits of Parsley

Strengthen immune system, natural diuretic, anti inflammatory, strengthen bones to name a few. ( *Please note: Large amounts of parsley should not be consumed by pregnant women. The oils (apiol and myristicin) have been shown to stimulate uterine contractions that can bring on a menstrual period, and cause a miscarriage or premature labor. Myristicin can also cross the placenta and cause an increased heartbeat in the fetus, as well as causing issues with the hemoglobin in a baby's blood. Parsley has also been reported as having hallucinogenic effects, causing giddiness, loss of balance, kidney damage or seizures in some people. )

Benefits of Apples

Cleanses liver, prevents asthma, boost immune system, solution for constipation.

Benefits of Kale

Rich in iron, high dose of vitamin K, fights inflamtion, heart health.

Benefits of Ginger

Promotes heart health, pain reducer, digestion aide, relieves congestion