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Kristine Jones

Founder of Priceless Jewels

For Kristine Jones, wife, mother, minister and author are just a few titles that communicate the diversity of gifts and talents that Kristine possesses. That diversity started as a child. Kristine was born the youngest of three children in a multiracial military family in Lawton, OK. The family moved to Atlanta, GA where the racial tension of the South didn’t make it easy for her growing up. A product of the South, Kristine experienced the difficulties of being both bi-racial and female. Both parents taught Kristine the importance of hard work; and her mother, Walpurga Williams, who passed away when Kristine was 11, demonstrated that same ethic as she worked tirelessly even though she was terminally ill with breast cancer. Having modeled since the age of 9 and fueled with a passion for the fashion industry, Kristine moved to New York city after high school to pursue a career in modeling. Her experience in New York would prove to be the training ground that would help to develop her sense of identity and confidence needed to survive not only in the fashion industry but on the streets of New York. The influence of Youth Ministry and the hardworking example that her mother proved to be enough foundation to keep Kristine from the destructive path that many young girls take in the modeling industry in New York.


Now Minister Kristine Jones is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her personal experiences and love for teenage girls and women has made her successful in being a mentor and mother to several teen girls in her church. Having overcome the issues that cause teenage girls to question their identity and compromise their value, Kristine believes that God has given her an assignment that will be a blessing to young girls all over the world. Having realized her identity in Christ Jesus and the value that God has placed on her, Kristine is posed to change the life of anyone who will dare listen to her. She is now married with 3 kids.


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